Malaria - Don't let it kill you!

Malaria affects an estimated 200 to 300 million people every year. It also causes 1 to 2 million fatalities – much more than HIV! Divers travelling in Africa or Asia are also far more likely to contract malaria than any other diving- or travel-related condition.

Yet, in spite of this statistic, travellers – including divers – are surprisingly reluctant to take all the necessary precautions. Dive tables get far more attention than mosquito coils and malaria tablets. Of course, malaria medication can also interfere with diving, and divers must be aware of this. 

This 30 minute presentation therefore provides a brief overview of the most important considerations in terms of malaria prevention and treatment for travellers in Africa. For more information, visit the DAN website or contact the DAN Hotline: 0800 020111
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