Humanoid Robotic Diver

Humanoid Robotic Diver

From time immortal there was always a sense of wonder, and in a way dreaming, of a robot diver (avatar) that is impervious to depth, to explore the deep seas.

Click on this link to see the newest robot diver that Stanford University developed.
Now, there are many other firms in other international  countries like Britain, Russia and China etc, also developing their own versions of a humanoid robotic diver. Each one indicating that they were the first, but it really goes back a lot further in history than even this 1916 photo.

An HOV (Human Occupied Vehicle) named ALVIN, built in 1964 can only go for so deep and so long. Another is the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for areas much deeper or used for different reasons. But maybe these humanoid robotic divers are the next step into oceanic research and conservation methods where both HOV's and ROV's are too large. 

Is this the future of commercial diving? Who knows? What do you think about this...?
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