7 Things we did not know about the ocean

Yes, I suppose many of us may be wondering what the ocean is still hiding from us. Or perhaps we are so preoccupied with life that we don't really think about it until we read about it or see it on television.

When I saw this it really made me think... and wonder... https://goo.gl/mpTb4n 

Certainly, there are more than 7 things we don't know about the ocean. I am also sure you all agree that the ocean is captivating - even hypnotizing. It is a wonderful resource but it is also beautiful -- something to love, study and protect: for us and for our children..

Perhaps there are still youngsters who would love to take photos of the sea creatures and study life in the deep. Perhaps they will again aspire us towards more ventures and adventures. Perhaps they will be the ones designing and building drones and bubble capsules, or be living under the sea? What do your children say...? Are these times gone...?
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