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How Good Is Your Emergency Plan
by DAN Medical Team on August 7th, 2016

​DAN is regularly contacted by divers seeking information for their Emergency Action/Assistance Plan (EAP). Generally the information is a collection of phone numbers and contact information. Based on the experience of medical professionals, dive industry professionals and DAN the information that should be in an EAP can maximise the benefit of such a plan. This presentation discusses what information is most valuable at the time of an emergency and the rationale for having such information.
​Presenter Profile: Marty has been both a dive instructor and a paramedic since 1995. He has worked as a paramedic in the field, in an ER and as an EMS supervisor at an Ohio theme park. He also has experience training students with disabilities to dive. Additionally he was certified as an AHA BLS and First Aid instructor as well as an EMT instructor. He has been with DAN since 2004.

Marty's passion is education. In 2006 he developed DAN's Webinar program, where divers from around the world login to real-time lectures with DAN Medics on a variety of dive safety related topics. In 2007 Marty recorded DAN's first dive safety DVD lecture, "I May Be Bent...Now What?". Each year, Marty represents DAN at consumer and industry dive shows as well as professional level conferences, providing lectures, seminars and workshops on various topics related to diving medicine. Marty's intention is to continue his own education and continue working to develop new educational opportunities for the diving public.

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