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by Morne Christou on November 30th, 2017

​DAN’s Diving Safety Laboratory has a Solid Base

Conceived as a center for field research, DAN’s Diving Safety Laboratory (DSL), which has always been mobile in nature, is now adding stationary DAN DSL Research Centres (DAN DRC). DAN DRC’s are welcome news for those divers interested in actively contributing to the progress of scientific studies on diving safety.
During 2017, DAN established two DRC’s in Sodwana Bay. During this visit, we  trained 13 divers from Adventure Mania and Sodwana Bay Lodge Scuba Centre. These individuals will be assisting us in our efforts to collect diving data. A return trip is already scheduled to complete additional research workshops for the divers at the other dive centres in Sodwana Bay. First and foremost, DRC’s provide a local point of reference for all divers who want to get directly involved in research initiatives, and for the planning of DAN DSL Research Courses. Also, they will be providing the necessary assistance for gathering data through the use of various technical and logistical sources by providing: 
  • Information on DAN DSL Research Courses.
  • Access to DAN DSL-Research Protocols and direct oversight of research efforts.
  • Access to DAN DSL research resources, including:
    • Approved research forms and informed consent procedures
    • Doppler units
    • Interfaces for underwater computers
    • Data access to the DAN DSL Research database
  • Practical Training and DAN DSL Research Refresher Courses – which will be provided around the country at regular intervals.
How to become a DAN Research Centre?

The DAN DSL Research Project and Database has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Stellenbosch. To comply with their requirements, Dive Center staff must be qualified as DAN Research Specialists, trained by the DAN Research Team. To become a DAN DSL Research Centre, Dive Centers must also be an active DAN Industry Partner.
What does a DAN Research Centre do?

DAN DRC’s use their internal resources to organise field research projects to gather data on diving safety.  If the DAN Industry Partner center manager is a DAN DSL Advanced Research Specialist, advanced research events with the Advanced Research Kit can be arranged.
At present we are making great strides to increase the number of DAN DRC’s in South Africa. After establishing the DRC’s in Sodwana Bay, we will be approaching DAN Industry Partners in Umkomaas, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.
In closing, if you have a Dive Center and want to become a DAN Research Centre or simply want more information on the different research studies, you are welcome to contact the DAN research team via email on

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