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DAN Incident report procedure

DAN medical information specialists and researchers answer your questions about dive medicine.

I would like to report an incident for your statistical database and other uses. Do you have a standard mechanism for that?
Thank you for your interest in sharing that information. There are two separate mechanisms for reporting an incident to DAN. Both of these are recommended, if you are willing to do so.
Firstly, the DAN incident reporting system can be accessed via The webpage allows submission of new incidents and also allows access to previous, anonymised reports. Submitted information is administered by DAN Research; it does not affect DAN Membership, cover, or claims.
Secondly, DAN Medical Services also collects incident information. Thiscan also be submitted anonymously, although the DANHotline appreciates the opportunity to follow-up with injured divers:to ensure they have received the necessary medical attention. If the individual in question is a DAN Member, this may also assist them in (1) locating a medical practitioner trained in diving-medicine; (2) help in answering questions they may have; or (3) allow them to enjoy the benefit of relevant DAN Membership cover. You can reach us by:
  • Calling the Hotline: +27 828 10 60 10 (Int) or (toll-free) 0800 020 111
  • Using our DAN Smartphone App:, or
  • Requesting, and then submitting, an incident report formvia
— Frances Smith, EMT-P, DMT


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