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​Commercial Membership

When diving is your life’s work, dive safety is not a compromise. That is why DAN extends a special commercial diver membership to persons engaged in the commercial diving sector. Commercial diver individuals, students and companies are all eligible.
Individual Commercial Member

Annual Fee / Diver

SA Resident - R 3 200
Non-Resident - R4 400

Monthly Fee / Diver
SA Resident - N/A
Non-Resident - N/A

Bi-Annual Fee / Diver
​SA Resident - R 1 600
Non-Resident - R 2 200
Individual Application
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Commercial Company Member

Annual Fee / Diver

SA Resident - R 3 200
Non-Resident - R4 400

Monthly Fee / Diver
SA Resident - R 280
Non-Resident - R 380

Bi-Annual Fee / Diver
​SA Resident - N/A
Non-Resident - N/A
Company Application
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Commercial Student Member

4 Weeks / Student

Individual - R 250

8 Weeks / Student
Individual - R 500

12 Weeks / Student
Individual - R 750
Commercial Stdt Application
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Proffesional Member

Annual Fee / Diver
Rescue Diver - R 3 200
Scientific Diver - R 3 200
Photographic Diver - R 3 200

Monthly Fee / Diver - N/A

Bi-Annual Fee / Diver
​Rescue Diver - R 1 600
Scientific Diver - R 1 600
Photographic Diver - R 1 600
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​​Please be advised that DAN Southern Africa (DAN-SA) is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) under the new Companies Act. DAN-SA’s primary mission is to provide emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, to work to prevent injuries and to promote dive safety. DAN-SA is a membership based company and provides membership benefits, not insurance or medical aid. DAN-SA is the owner of a group policy with benefits that are extended to its members. DAN-SA is the insured party and DAN-SA members receive the benefits of DAN-SA’s insurance. DAN-SA members help support a 24-hour hotline. This hotline offers access to specialists trained in diving medicine and is freely available to anyone with a diving-related query. DAN-SA does not own emergency vehicles (helicopters, ambulances, response vehicle or any other associated emergency vehicles); we rely on third party emergency services and on their availability at the time of an incident. Furthermore DAN-SA does not own hospitals, hyperbaric chambers and we do not legislate diving rules or laws. Kindly download the DAN-SA terms and conditions (T&C’s) to familiarise yourself regarding the DAN-SA service by following this link or you can contact DAN-SA via email at or refer to the guides available via the DAN-SA website at
​All membership applications are usually processed within 2 days. I​f you don't hear from us within 48 hours after submitting an application please contact the DAN-SA office directly on +27 11 266 4900 or at Please note that the DAN adminstartive office is closed on weekends and public holidays.

How To File a Claim

​Learn how to file a claim for medical expenses related to a diving injury or a travel-related medical emergency covered under DAN-SA membership benefits. 

​Travel Notice

A travel notification is to ensure that DAN-SA knows when our members travel abroad, and to add this note on our system. With the information provided by you, the DAN-SA Member, we would be able to ensure adequate planning for any potential evacuation procedures and advise you on the availability of appropriate treatment facilities where you will be diving. Please note that DAN-SA membership is not insurance and is secondary to any other Insurance or Medical Aid you might have. The travel notification only applies to active DAN-SA members.
Important: There are countries in the DAN Southern Africa region where there are no recompression facilities. Regulations here dictate that commercial diving requires a chamber within the distance specified in the country. Where there are no diving regulations in a country, then either IMCA or the South African diving regulations shall be followed. It is important to note that commercial divers employed by a South African company can only extend their benefits past the 90 days if COIDA/WCA cover is also in place. This is a legal requirement for all South African companies.

Commercial Membership FAQ's

Who qualifies for commercial vs professional membership?

Commercial Membership is for commercial divers. However, this term “commercial” needs some clarification. 

In essence, commercial diving means any diving performed for financial gain, whether directly or indirectly. As such, commercial diving may range from deep-sea oil diving to employees who clean the inside of the windows at the local aquarium on SCUBA. 

In South Africa, commercial diving is subject to the Diving Regulations; it is an extension of the Occupational Health and Safety Act or the Mining Health and Safety Act (for diamond diving). At present, recreational Dive Leaders – like Instructors and Dive Masters – are not formally considered either commercial or professional divers, although this may change ultimately. 

In the vernacular or common use, the term “commercial diving” is usually reserved to indicate full-time industrial or mining-related diving activities; conversely, the term “professional diving” is used for those vocations that include part-time, work-related diving activities, such as marine scientists, biologists and archaeologists; and professional underwater photographers.

So, for the purpose of offering individuals who dive as part of their career with the most appropriate benefits under a common group policy, DAN-SA has introduced:
  • DAN Commercial Membership for registered commercial divers (including learner divers) – see below – and,
  • DAN Professional Membership for underwater scientists, researchers, archeologists and professional underwater photographers who dive as part of their employment. 
As such, the following individuals may apply specifically for DAN Commercial Membership: 
  • A diver registered as a commercial diver or learner commercial diver with the Department of Labour of South Africa and who is a current resident of South Africa and has a diving medical certificate as defined in the policy wording.
  • A non-South African resident, registered as a commercial diver with a diving medical certificate and contracted to work for a South African company after declaring the non-residency to DAN-SA may, at the discretion of DAN-SA, be approved for membership benefits.
  • At the discretion of DAN-SA, personnel may be approved for membership benefits as dive support personnel.
  • An employee or self-employed person involved in a diving project, not registered as a commercial diver (e.g. a caisson worker) may, at the discretion of DAN-SA, be approved for membership benefits as a diver, diving supervisor or dive support personnel. 
Other professional divers may apply for DAN Professional Membership.