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​Student Membership

​​Enrol your entry-level dive students. Make sure your students are safe from their very first breaths as divers. DAN student membership is free of charge to the students of DAN members from the first pool session to the qualifying dive or for a duration of six weeks. As entry-level divers, students often are not aware of all the safety aspects and possible risks associated with scuba diving. To cater specifically for these needs, DAN has developed the student membership package.

Eligibility to participate. Student Membership is open to any entry-level diver. The scuba student can only be registered by a certified instructor teaching in the DAN-SA region who is an active DAN-SA Master member.

Note - DAN-SA cover is referred to as secondary coverage. Wherever possible, DAN-SA will arrange for expenses to be covered firstly by any other primary travel or medical insurance(s) your student may have, but we ensure that the student remains covered for emergency medical expenses, usually including possible shortfalls or policy restrictions.
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