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​Welcome to DAN-SA, the world’s largest dive safety organisation. We had a few DAN divers’ days in 2014 and will be bringing you no less than 6 this year to all parts of Southern Africa promoting dive safety! We kicked off the DAN days in Cape Town this year and it was huge success with a lot of positive input and feedback from the diving community.

The enhancements to the DAN website, forms and the availability on various electronic multimedia devices have been continuing in 2015 and we are busier than ever enhancing our internal systems to give you a world class experience and access to your DAN profile via the new member portal coming soon. The development of our new system will make the user experience easier and user friendly.

​Late Renewals

​You can still renew you Industry Partner membership at a fee of R350 for the year. One of the benefits of renewing your Industry Partner membership is that your business will be displayed via the DAN-SA website on the interactive map to help promote your dive business.

Call the DAN Office at +27 11 266 4900 to renew your Industry Partner status or if you need more information.

​Our Industry Partners really rock!

​Membership Corner

​It is our custom at DAN to recognise all those who partner with us in diving safety. During 2015 many have participated in our various DAN training and education and made use of our DAN safety products to increase dive safety for the whole industry. Thank you all for this wonderful support! The DAN Industry Partners again show that referring members to DAN will be beneficial to the diving community, a total of 116 divers (90 membership package referrals) have been referred to DAN-SA since the start of the year. Our leading active Industry Partners are 2 Dive 4 Scuba with 7 divers and 7th Heaven Scuba with 6 divers (both referred 6 membership packages).
​We like to keep you updated on the various DAN membership packages in order to provide the most up-to-date information to the diving community regarding DAN membership. DAN-SA is not an insurance company and it does not sell insurance. DAN-SA is a diving emergency assistance organisation that uses a group insurance policy to extend emergency medical cover benefits to its members for certain travel, medical and diving related emergencies in support of its mission. As part of your DAN-SA membership, DAN-SA automatically provides cover according to the respective membership levels.

​Membership FAQ

“I have heard that DAN membership is only valid within the Southern African region, is this true?”

Not at all, as a DAN-SA member your benefits are valid Worldwide. However you must notify us if you are travelling outside your country of residence for longer than 90 days, as international cover is limited to 90 days from the date of departure. If you are a non-working diver and require a limited extension, you must contact DAN-SA in order to ensure that you qualify. The DAN hotline must be contacted in the event of a medical emergency to access the benefits and in the event of any diving injury.

Please note that DAN-SA benefits are secondary coverage. Wherever possible, DAN-SA will arrange for expenses to be covered firstly by any other travel or medical insurance(s) you may have.

“Who can I add to my membership and how old can my children be on my membership?”

You can add your partner and/or children between the ages of 10 and 23 on your membership as divers, after 23 you children would need to take out their own membership (if you require any further information on regarding annual membership criteria, please refer to the membership guide.
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DAN Audio Podcast 

​Safe Boating Tips

​DAN Blog

​Headaches are one of the most common complaints in general medical practice. It is not surprising that they are also common in diving. Apart from the discomfort related to them, there is a concern that they may be the result of a more deep-seated or ominous problem.
​When diving, fly the dive flag. Ensure the flag is stiff, unfurled and in recognizable condition. To prevent injuries and death by propeller and vessel strikes, divers and boaters must be proactively aware of one another. Check local regulations
​Please help us to reduce ear injuries during dive training. Just send this video link to your students and let us know if they did better in the pool! If the video doesn't do the job, we will try to tweak it until it works for you! 

What is the Student Membership?

​DAN-SA Student Membership offers entry-level divers in the DAN-SA region limited emergency medical coverage for the duration of their entry-level training. It provides up to R300 000 emergency medical service cover at no cost to the diver or the instructor who teaches them. It is about providing peace of mind to students and instructors alike.
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Product Showcase - Oxygen Units

​In an emergency, oxygen first aid can play a vital role in alleviating symptoms, reducing the chances of further deterioration and improving the ultimate outcome… Are you equipped to provide it? Oxygen first aid is the first line of treatment for both decompression sickness (DCS) and arterial gas embolism (AGE); it should be available at every dive site and on every dive boat with someone trained in its use… Why not you?

The general recommendation is that any diver displaying untoward symptoms after a dive should be considered to be suffering from possible decompression illness until proven otherwise. This is particularly important when the symptoms are serious, such as loss of consciousness or impairment of mental function, weakness, numbness, isolated pain in a joint, blotchy skin rashes or changes in vision, balance and coordination. They should then be given immediate oxygen first aid on the surface.

Make use of the DAN Online Shop where you will find detailed information about oxygen unit options. 

Oxygen Facts

​How big of an oxygen kit would I need for my boat or car?

​Consider the amount of time it would require for EMS to reach your location. You should have enough oxygen for at least two divers from the site of injury to where they can received professional medical care or oxygen from another source. When using a non-rebreather mask, the oxygen flow-rate is set at a standard 15 liters per minute. So, for two divers you should plan on 30 liters per minute multiplied by the time you need to get to help. Most oxygen cylinders range between 2 and 5 liters and are pressurised to 150 bar. So that means you have about 10 to 25 minutes of oxygen per cylinder. Is that enough? That is up to you…

​Is special care needed to store my oxygen unit?

​Like all pressurised cylinders, oxygen should be kept in an area with minimal exposure to moisture and heat. Secure your O2 cylinder to prevent tipping hazard or keep it in a protective case.

​Is special maintenance required for my oxygen equipment?

​Oxygen equipment should be checked monthly to verify that the tank is full and all equipment is functional. Cylinders should be visually inspected every year by a certified technician and pressure tested every five years. Oxygen regulators should be serviced every two years.

How good is your emergency action plan?

​DAN supports emergency preparation. Check out the latest addition to our online video lecture series. “How Good Is Your Emergency Action Plan?” Here we examine the key components of an emergency plan, including what information is necessary at a time of crisis and why. 

​DAN Hotline

​DAN’s emergency and information hotline is staffed by medically trained diving professionals, our physicians, medics and emergency medical technicians are dedicated to providing assistance to divers in need. Our services include medical information, referrals and evacuation assistance. In addition, members benefit from medical support from international diving and hyperbaric physicians.
Please note that our medical information specialists cannot sell memberships. For these services, please call +27 11 266 4900 during our regular business hours or join or renew directly through the DAN website.

DAN-SA does not provide diagnosis, order treatment or prescribe medication. DAN’s medical services are not a replacement for consultation by qualified medical personnel and the hotline service does not constitute a physician-patient relationship. If you are experiencing a life threatening illness or injury, seek immediate medical evaluation or contact emergency medical services. You are solely responsible for your decision to obtain medical assessment, evaluation and/or treatment from a qualified medical professional before making any decision about your health or the health of your family.

If you have a medical query please send an e-mail to, always remember to call the hotline in the event of an emergency. 0800 020 111 toll free in South Africa and +27 828 10 60 10 for international calls.

DAN Divers' Day

​To grow and promote the DAN mission we will once again be hosting a range of DAN Divers’ Day events throughout South Africa aimed at educating the dive community at large. There is no charge to attend, but book in advance by contacting the DAN office on 011 266 4900 or at
  • Durban – 8 June
  • Sodwana Bay – 1 August
  • Port Elizabeth – 5 September
  • Jo’burg – November date to be confirmed


Alpha Dive Insurance

​Whether you’re swimming, diving or simply splashing around, SwimSeal is a tried and tested preventative solution to take on any dive trip. It’s a unique South African product that acts like an invisible water barrier, preventing painful ears caused by exposure to water. Visit
​For dive gear and short term insurance contact Alpha Dive Insurance. DAN-SA does not benefit from this endorsement; they just provide support to service providers that can meet divers’ unique gear needs. Visit