Legal Network

Divers and Diving Professionals in particular may find themselves in need of legal advice and support from time to time. In response to this need, and following proposals by several DAN members who are also members of the legal profession, DAN has established an amazing worldwide network of legal experts and lawyers who are both experienced and knowledgeable in diving practices (being divers themselves) and diving law.

Previously, DAN has only offered medical advice to its members but has recently decided to consider extending the services it offers to its members by introducing a network of legal professionals to advise members on legal matters when needed.

How does it work

DAN now has access to a legal network comprised of professionals with an interest in diving and who are experienced in local, regional and international law.  This team is thus well suited to deal with disputes related to diving activities and events, and to provide members with the highest level of legal (pre-trial) and even trial assistance.

DAN Southern Africa members who are in need of legal or trial assistance can contact DAN via email (  DAN will consider all requests and, if appropriate, refer the member to an appropriate legal expert within the network. The legal experts then make appropriate suggestions to the enquiring member on how best to represent or defend their interests.

Legal assistance may include sending investigators on site to ensure that all evidence has been correctly preserved and collected. It may also include the defence of members before a court of law, handled by lawyers who are experienced in national, or where applicable, international law and in disputes related to diving activities.

DAN members will be able to contact a lawyer directly and relay facts about an incident in real-time via the existing DAN Southern Africa hotline. Using a team of lawyers, these cases will be evaluated for urgency and for immediate action, with the members advised accordingly.

The cost of these legal services is not covered by DAN membership benefits. As such, the DAN legal team will advise members in advance of any fees that are payable and what anticipated costs may be.  There is, however, no cost to calling the Legal Network hotline to obtain the initial advice.

How to contact the Legal Network

When you need it the most
Emergency legal assistance services 
Access to qualified legal professionals 
24-Hour Hotline (0800 020 111 or +27 828 10 60 10)

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