New Membership Fees

Thank you for your continued support! We trust that you are still happy with the DAN services. From 1 September your DAN membership fees will increase marginally to keep up with inflation. The last increase was back in 2015! To assist members DAN does not apply an automatic annual increase to membership fees. DAN absorb rising operational costs through careful management of all resources.

New Cover Limits for Annual Membership

Benefits Standard Plus Master

Medical and related expenses for
a diving-related injury or illness

R500 000 (was R300 000)

R700 000 (was R500 000)

R800 000 (was R600 000)

International medical and related
expenses for a non-diving related injury or illness
None R500 000 R600 000

Local and international emergency transport
or evacuation for non-diving related injury or
illness to closest medical facility

Actual Cost

Actual Cost

Actual Cost

Personal liability for bodily injury or
material damage
R5000 000 R1 000 000 R2 000 000

Once-off Payment for Annual Membership

Package 1 Diver 2 Divers 3 Divers 4 Divers


R1 000

R1 900

R2 800

R3 700

Plus R1 335 R2 635 R3 835 R5 035


R1 555

R2 955

R4 355

R5 755

Monthly Payment for Annual Membership

Package 1 Diver 2 Divers 3 Divers 4 Divers






Plus R125 R245 R355 R465






New Benefits

There are a number of new benefits you can look forward from 1 September. The cover limits for all the packages have increases. We have also managed to add additional inconvenience cover benefits to all the membership packages.  The inconvenience benefits are applicable to dive trip delays, cancelation of dives, equipment delay after arriving at a dive destination etc. We are excited about these new add-on membership benefits.
The Master membership package has also been revamped! It has been split into two packages.

The Master Dive Pro membership package is aimed at recreational diving professionals such as instructors and divemasters who and has a depth limit of 40-meters. The Master Pro Dive membership package provides more cover benefits and gives dive instructors access to the DAN Student membership package valid for their entry-level students. This provides peace of mind for the dive instructor and the student and does not cost anything. All the dive instructor needs to do is register the entry-level student with DAN before the course starts.  Not to worry if you are a general recreational diver you can still sign-up as the Master Dive Pro package if you are looking for more dive cover benefits.

The Master Tech Diver membership package is aimed at divers who participate in recreational technical diving activities who dive beyond the 40-meter recreation dive limit. For dives deeper than 100 m, DAN requires that divers submit an emergency plan (first aid equipment; initial stabilization; access to emergency vehicles or aircrafts; nearest recompression facility; nearest accident & emergency department; nearest ICU; etc.), dive trip details (depth; time; gas mixtures; etc.), dive equipment that will be used (open circuit; rebreathers; oxygen decompression; shot-line or buoy-line; etc.) and the details of the divers participating in diving activities when diving beyond 100 meters. The intent is not to critique dive plans or to “police” divers in anyway. Rather, it is to partner with divers who are willing to plan such dives meticulously. In this way, problems may be avoided as far as possible but, even if they were to occur, the first aid by the divers and emergency response by DAN can complement each other so as to be both expedient and appropriate. We also inform the hyperbaric facilities capable of treating extreme diving injuries to be on standby and have the necessary gas mixes available in the event of a diving injury. The dive plans also need to be approved by the DAN medical director to ensure that all the DAN-SA benefits remain intact when divers dive beyond the 100-meter depth.

Both the Master Dive Pro and Master Tech Diver packages will be available by the end of 2018. This will allow recreational diving professionals and technical divers the necessary time to ready themselves for the changes to the current Master membership package and to upgrade to the appropriate Master membership package to ensure they have the correct membership benefits in place for the type of diving they participate in.

New Inconvenience Cover Benefits

Important note: The DAN hotline must be contacted and the necessary paperwork and claims form completed before a claim can be settled for any of the inconvenience benefits listed below.
Diving Equipment Delay R500 per 4hrs (public conveyance) 
Standard                   N/A
Plus                            R2500
Master                       R3000

Cancellation of Dive - (specific reasons)
Standard                   N/A
Plus                            R2000 limit
Master                       R2000 limit

Curtailment of Dive - (specific reasons)
Standard                   N/A
Plus                            R2000 limit
Master                       R2000 limit

Unexpected Adverse Weather Conditions - Inability to Dive
Standard                   N/A
Plus                            R1000 limit
Master                       R1000 limit

Missed Live-on-board Boat Departure Due to Accident
Standard                   N/A
Plus                            R2000 limit
Master                       R2000 limit

Mechanical Breakdown of Live-on-board Boat R250 Per Day
Standard                   N/A
Plus                            R1500 limit
Master                       R1500 limit