The Birth of RCAPP

Stemming from International DAN’s project to create the Risk Assessment Guide for Recompression Facilities in order to provide guidance on establishing and maintaining recompression treatment facilities, DAN-SA has made its own massive efforts in the form of the Recompression Chamber Assistance and Partnership Programme (RCAPP).
The RCAPP focuses on recompression chambers in the DAN-SA region and begins with a safety and risk assessment of the facility. After the assessment has been completed, DAN works hand-in-hand with the chamber staff to create the best possible facility, in terms of safety, training and operation.

How It Works

When a chamber is assisted by the RCAPP, the staff and management are all involved in the process so that each person can be confident in the safety practices and training provided by DAN.
The assessment begins when the DAN members head out to visit a chamber. During their visit, the team will examine every aspect of the facility, beginning with the chamber itself and ending with the staff appointed to operate it. Following this assessment, a detailed report is compiled with recommendations to get those safety standards as high as possible.

RCAPP Certification

After a facility has satisfactorily complied with the recommendations suggested by DAN in the assessment report, it is issued with a Certificate of Compliance that acts as a guarantee of their commitment to safety and their recognition by DAN as a partner in dive safety. The Certificate of Compliance is signed by the President of International DAN.