Safety Booklets

Generated from more than 30 years of research and medical data analysis, each reference booklet provides extensive insight into a single topic critical to diver health and safety. Titles include:
  • The Ears & Diving
  • The Heart & Diving
  • Hazardous Marine Life

The Heart & Diving

​​Developed by medical professionals, DAN’s 56-page Heart & Diving booklet discusses important cardiac topics such as cardiovascular disease, structural heart anomalies, ischemic heart disease and heart arrhythmias. These conditions account for nearly 1/3 of all diving fatalities and can’t be overlooked before getting into the water because immersion places significant stressors on the body – especially on the heart and circulatory system. Knowing your risk factors and identifying signs of abnormalities are critically important to a safe diving experience.

Hazardous Marine Life

​​DAN’s 36-page Hazardous Marine Life booklet is an essential resource for divers. Affecting divers of all experience levels, encounters with hazardous marine life are often unexpected and unavoidable. However, with the proper knowledge and training, divers can minimize risks and effectively handle emergencies caused by contact with marine life. Created from years of experience in handling emergencies, this comprehensive guide covers topics such as envenomations, traumatic injuries suffered while diving, seafood poisonings and more.

The Ears & Diving

​​DAN’s 36-page Ears & Diving booklet discusses ear issues that every diver has experienced while in or around the water. Though the ear is a complex organ, this booklet simply explains the anatomy of the inner ear, common injury symptoms and treatment, hygiene and medical conditions. Multiple equalization techniques are also discussed in detail since ear problems account for almost 40% of diver’s medical-related correspondence with DAN. This is one resource that no diver should be without.