​Safety Tips

As DAN members embark on their dive get-a-ways for the holidays, we thought to offer some safety tips. For fun we added our own DAN twist to a few pointers mentioned in the “sunscreen song” by Baz Luhrmann. We will dispense our tips now:

Use sunscreen
The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proven by scientists.

Enjoy your youth
Dive, travel, and dive some more, oblivious to the wrinkles you may imprint from squinting into the sun and salty water. Trust us, when your youth has faded, you’ll look back at photos and fondly recall each twinge of excitement you felt, grasping onto the hopes of seeing that whale shark, coelacanth, dugong or great white. 

Don’t worry
DAN is your buddy. Keep the DAN Hotline number handy for medical advice 24/7/365 worldwide. Activate roaming to your cell phone. Check your membership status is active.

Don’t be reckless
And don’t put up with people who are reckless with your life.

Rest after a dive, relax and take in the breeze…ahhh enjoy life.

Don’t feel guilty; to travel the world and dive in exotic places.

Don’t mess too much with your ears
Equalise early and often. Protect your delicate tympanic membranes, you’ll need these organs well into your geriatric years – how else will you hear your great-grandchildren? Don’t forget to equalise your mask – no need to look like a red eyed Dracula! 

Don’t rely on luck
Protect against malaria, as well as other bites, stings and tricky encounters with venomous creatures under and above the water.

Be well hydrated. Alcohol and diving don’t mix.

Be kind to your knees
Keep in shape and be fit for that swim in the ocean current. Have your regular check-ups with your dive physician, and follow their advice with regards to medication and diving.

Accept certain inalienable truths
Never bolt to the surface and hold your breath – contrary to belief you are not a fish. You need your lungs. An Arterial Gas Embolism is not a pretty friend. Stick to your dive tables, if you develop tingles, dizziness or other symptoms remain calm and call the Hotline to have them checked.

Be careful whose advice you buy
Take a refresher course if you are out of practise, revise skills and boost your confidence. Be current with your CPR and First aid. Be able to offer assistance to a fellow diver or buddy in need, whether its Neuro assessments, Hazardous Marine Life Injury treatments or Oxygen administration. Oxygen first when DCI is suspected.

​But whatever you do, trust us on the sunscreen!