DAN Training provides practical ways for divers to learn first aid skills relevant to the diving environment. The focus is on both the fundamental and advanced safety principles every diver should master to be a competent diver and dive buddy. While DAN goes to every measure to assist divers in emergencies, it is better to be prepared especially when diving in remote areas away from any immediate help. Being educated about emergency procedures and first aid can mean the difference between life and death!

To become a diver educated in safety and first aid

Attend classes presented by qualified DAN instructors. In addition to your DAN course, you can also choose to make use of our online seminars. The courses cover a variety of safety elements from beginner levels of first aid and hazardous marine life injuries, to comprehensive courses covering in-depth aspects of how the body functions and reacts under pressure.

To become a qualified instructor/Instructor-Trainer

Any certified diver who is either a Diving-, CPR- or First Aid Instructor and who has completed the necessary DAN training, can become a DAN instructor. Diving Instructor Trainers or Course Directors can become DAN Instructor Trainers.

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