Our Mission & Vision

DAN Southern Africa is a Public Benefit Organization. Its primary mission is to provide emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, to work to prevent injuries and to promote dive safety. Secondly, DAN promotes and supports underwater diving research and education particularly as it relates to the improvement of dive safety, medical treatment and first aid. Thirdly, DAN strives to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information on dive safety, diving physiology and diving medical issues of common concern to the diving public. DAN is your dive safety association.

Our History

DAN was founded in Durham, North Carolina, USA in 1980. Starting as a single phone on a desk at Duke University providing 24/7 assistance, DAN has expanded globally with independent international offices in America, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific and Southern Africa. DAN Southern Africa was established in 1996 with less than a thousand members.
Today more than 6000 divers are proud to call themselves members of DAN-SA. With its headoffice in Midrand, DAN-SA is a well-established Public Benefit Organization with an in-house hotline, four full-time staff members, a medical director, a team of eleven on-call diving doctors, seven board members and three company directors. DAN is your dive safety organisation.