Student Membership Benefits

As entry-level students divers, students are often not aware of all the safety aspects and the possible risks associated with diving. To cater specifically for these needs, DAN has developed the student membership package. Now you can ensure your students are safe from their first breath as divers.

Important Cover Benefit Notes

  • DAN must be contacted in the event of a medical emergency to access benefits in the event of any diving injury.
  • DAN benefits is secondary coverage. Wherever possible, DAN will arrange for expenses to be covered firstly by any other travel or medical insurance(s) you may have.
  • Lost or damaged diving gear is only covered if it was lost or damaged as a direct result of a valid, DAN registered accident or evacuation. To ensure cover, DAN must be contacted in the event of any covered emergency or loss.
  • As with insurance companies, there are specific conditions and exclusions which apply. Please make sure that you understand these and have read the terms and conditions carefully .

Membership Benefits Overview

Student Membership provides the possibility of peace of mind for your students. The benefits and specifications related to the Student Membership are listed below. The membership benefits listed below are applicable to the entry-level diver and not the dive instructor. 
Benefits Limits

Emergency medical expenses

R300 000

Transportation and/or repatriation R100 000

Emergency assistance services cover

Assistance service only

What is not covered?

Membership benefits are restricted to diving-related emergencies. The following summarises the most notable exclusions.

  • Cardiac disease, cardiovascular disease, vascular disease or cerebro vascular disease or sequelae or complications thereof, except where these have, in the opinion of the DAN physician, been caused by a diving-related AGE
  • Any back pain or back injury, whether acute or chronic, including back pain with neurological involvement and/or immobility (but not spinal cord decompression sickness or traumatic vertebral fractures of normal vertebrae)
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Participation in endurance dives or dives involving attempts at breaking a depth or time record 2
  • Water-borne or other aquatic infections, including, but not limited to, swimmer’s ear and skin infections
  • Related to any one of the following conditions:
    • Myocardial infarction due to Ischemic heart disease
    •  Vertebral disk hernias
    •  Breaking or rupturing subcutaneous tendons

Professional Indemnity

In our pursuit to find a solution to the local requirement for professional indemnity cover, DAN has been informed that we are not able to obtain such insurance, from any overseas insurance company, until this has been approved, in advance, by the local financial services board authorities.

We would like to inform divers to make sure that any insurance product that they wish to purchase comes through a duly licensed local insurance company (or an associated broker), that is a registered financial services provider. It is the local insurance company’s responsibility to apply for and obtain this permission.

We, as DAN, do not wish to dissuade anyone from using any insurance products of their choice;. Our interest is simply to ensure effective cover for them in the event of a diving emergency or a liability claim.

Resource for Entry-Level Students

As you continue to take “giant strides” in your mastery of diving, consider this guide your “stable platform” – an introduction to key concepts and an ongoing resource to hone your and your students skills.